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Closing Down: collection for sale

After 7 years, and more than 4,000 happy subscribers, building and maintaining the image collection at has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I've made some terrific friends and some valuable contacts, and been privileged to share my collection with some real connoisseurs and some delighted fans.

In the last year, though, I've been working more and more on other projects, which have given me less and less time to work on the collection, and now I realise that there's little prospect of my spending enough time on erotomane. So, with enormous sadness, I've decided to call it a day, and I'll be closing down in a couple of weeks.

Over the years I've had many enquiries from users about buying parts of the collection, and until now I've always said no... Now we're closing, though, I've decided to offer the entire collection of vintage prints, drawings, paintings, postcards, magazines and all the rest on disk, for members to own for themselves. That's 50+Gb, 95,000+ images, each catalogued and sorted into folders (and usually named). And it's the complete collection, by the way, including all the images our credit card processor thought were too risque, several hundred galleries from the 1910s-1930s I haven't got round to publishing, as well as a load of 60s and 70s magazines which I never added to the site, as either they were too explicit for what I always wanted to be a "polite" experience on the site, or they weren't quite "vintage" enough - about 15-20,000 unseen images in all!

For an extra 30 (to cover the cost of the larger USB disk) you could add the erotomane "Stag" collection, never seen on the site, as well. Weighing in at another 50+Gb, the film collection has more than 200 super-rare vintage loops, stag features and full length movies from the 1920s-1970s.

Click here to buy the Erotomane image collection for 120 (Post Free!**)

Click here to buy the complete Erotomane Image AND Video collection for 150 **

Or, for the video collection only at 60 **

  • All images on the disk are clean, virgin, without watermarks, and at the highest resolution I can offer. While the site was running I needed the watermarks to protect myself from imitators, but now I'm happy to release all images into the wild!
  • My limited company, which owns erotomane, is L.C.Smithers Ltd, and the paypal address is , which is the name of my publishing imprint - these are the names you will see when you place your order. If you have any concerns, please do contact me through a contact form on the website. May I also reassure you that paypal keeps your money in an escrow account until you receive your disk, so there is not risk...
  • all packages are sent in plain, padded envelopes, with "L.C. Smithers Ltd" as the sender. Customs declarations say "USB disk" with a value of 25, so there shouldn't be any extra customs charges.
  • A couple of members have told me how much they dislike paypal, and asked would there be another way to pay - I have no great love for paypal, but the best thing about it is that *you and your money* are protected in case anything goes wrong. However, if your hatred abides, please do get in touch & we'll work something out...

I hope the prices seem good value, given the uniqueness of what's on offer - essentially, you'll be getting everything that's already on plus about 15,000 extra never-seen-before images and galleries...

* The USB drive will be suitable for both Macs and PCs
** We'll pay the postal charges for disks posted within the UK - Just to save the admin, postage abroad will normally be free unless the costs are greater than, shall we say, £10, but I might have to come back to you if they go much higher...

I will send you a note when your disk is posted. Please allow 7 days for delivery (UK)
For a list of all titles on the disk, please view this file:

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